Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fish resembling Life?

In life we encounter struggles, some small or some big that remind us how strong one can truly be. “The Fish” by Elizabeth Bishop is a poem where the main character a fisherman catches a truly tremendous fish. Tremendous one would say because as the poem progresses, the said fish evolves into more than itself, it takes a life of its own depicting mankind as well as nature.

A fighter is often defined as a person who fights or resists, or a person with will, courage, determination. In this poem the fish has been through many hard trial and tribulations despite being worn and weary. The determinations and strive to keep fighting is a reminder for us all that this life is not easy as we all think it should be. You have to fight and fight hard to achieve.

There isn't always a happy ending at the end of the hypothetical "rainbow" but what would life be without challenge, and who would you be without the guts to fight for what you want?

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